MARZ: The Anonymous Social Network Where You Can Share with the World.

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The Problem:

MARZ was founded to provide a platform for users to share content and engage in discussions without the need for followers or while being anonymous to avoid any social/societal pressures, which is a part and parcel of all social media apps. The app’s primary challenge was to differentiate itself from other social media platforms that rely heavily on followers, likes, and comments for validation. MARZ was to offer a unique value proposition that resonated with users and encouraged them to join and use the app.

The Solution:

At Ehsaan Technologies, we developed a platform that focused on anonymity and ease of use. It allows the users to post across several channels for “Public Broadcast” and “Private Broadcast”. Comments and Posts shared through Public Broadcast are anonymous which allows users to share content without fear of judgment, social pressure, or backlash from fellow users. While Private Broadcasts are only visible to the user’s subscribers. Both the broadcasts offer several channels such as Crypto and Cooking which allow the users to connect with like-minded people and post & surf through content relative to the channels.

Another exciting feature is the “Fires” which people receive on their posts and comments within the Public and Private broadcasts. The fire system encourages users to post quality content and engage in discussions while being anonymous or with their identity depending upon the broadcast, they use. Users also receive a daily summary of fires and view their posts or comments received, to keep them further engaged with the app.


MARZ launched in early 2021 and quickly gained traction among users looking for an anonymous social media platform. The app received positive reviews for its ease of use and unique value proposition. 

The app’s scoring system turned out to be a significant success, with users actively engaging in discussions and posting quality content to earn fire. The public channels also proved to be popular, with users connecting with others who share similar interests and engaging in discussions on specific topics.


MARZ is a successful anonymous social network that offers users a platform to share content and engage in discussions without the need for followers or social pressure. The app’s unique value proposition, scoring system, and public channels have proven to be successful in attracting users and fostering community engagement. MARZ’s success highlights the importance of understanding user needs and providing a platform that addresses those needs.

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